Name Game

NameTagNaming names…

The question was “What name would you pick for yourself?”

It made me ponder about the name-picking process — “named after” someone, or the “it sounds good” approach, or something trendy (ugh).

A name is a statement of culture, contemporary trends, societal norms and maybe a sort of aspiration for the barer of the name. (Does a dignified name result in a dignified person? One’s name can get one beat up a lot – or shunned.) Middle names, too. One or two? More or less?

So anyhow – it occurred to me that my grandfather McCord’s middle name was “Carroll” and my grandmothers’ middle names were “Mae” and “Ernestine.” (I know grandma McCord never did like Ernestine. What was grandpa Kernen’s middle name?)

*Future Daibhre here : Grandpa’s middle name was Ely.

But where the did those names come from?


Not much of a blogger, I guess

Why would anyone want to know what I have to say?

And besides, if history’s any proof, I’m probably dead wrong anyway.

Perception = Reality

Then I realized, in one of those “aha” moments, that not everyone sees what I see. It’s no wonder I have trouble communicating – understanding what others are sharing, as well as expressing my own subjective reality. Phenomena, ephemera, truth and fiction… just wired different, I guess. Essence, substance, artifice and object… do I see it? Or is it just my mind making me think so? I’m just surfing along on the collapsing wave of probability… how about you?

Yep – still here.

Buying stuff brings pleasure. Owning stuff brings pleasure. Owning stuff you don’t need or use is a result of some form of insanity, from which I suffer. Owning boxes full of Star Trek toys makes almost no sense at all. And yet… there they are. Owning shelf after shelf of vinyl records is sort of crazy, too. I don’t even like most of them. Then there’s the game room. Having nearly 2,000 games in there does me little good. There are only (maybe) 100 that will ever get played. Which brings pleasure, so I guess that’s OK. But seven guitars? Why do I have seven guitars? Makes me go “hmmm.”

SCA diatribe

“Serious” re-enactors (the ones aware of the S.C.A.) often regard the S.C.A. as one level removed from LARPers (the ones aware of LARP). Unfortunately, this is a very true impression to the casual observer or newbie. There are (as we know) some very serious re-creators within the S.C.A., but one has to seek them out, and (more importantly) work hard to experience the serious re-enactment therein. One the most serious end of the re-enactor spectrum are the total-immersion living-history folks — at the other are the fantasy cosplayers making it all up as they go along. My experiences with re-enactors of American history have shown me also that focusing on American history within the past 250 years or so is WAY more acheivable when accuracy is one’s objective. This is why I’ve been seeking that experience more than the S.C.A. in recent years. And also because my wife likes the Victorian period, too, so it’s something we can do together.


I would much rather do something than read about it, or watch someone else do it. I’d much rather share something than keep it to myself, and hopefully someone else will share with me. Compelled to create.