About Daibhre

mendicus_badge_style1BBW29-tallcropHey – I’m Baron Daibhre mac Coilliane. Court Baron to the Majesties Raynard and Brynhildr. But they’re long gone… succeeded by others, and moved away to another land far to the south. And I fell out of favor with the royal family, so I tried to return home, but the peace hasn’t been good for my weapons-making family, so I retreated to the monastery at Armaugh for a while, but they couldn’t support me, so I beg. Fortunately, the crown has given me permission to do so, and allowed me to establish “House Mendicus” and to extend this license to others who are in dire straits and worthy of charity. When I’m not on the road seeking sustenance, you’ll find me huddled in me hovel, nestled in the hillside. Stop in and see me sometime!


More photos soon…



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