Name Game

NameTagNaming names…

The question was “What name would you pick for yourself?”

It made me ponder about the name-picking process — “named after” someone, or the “it sounds good” approach, or something trendy (ugh).

A name is a statement of culture, contemporary trends, societal norms and maybe a sort of aspiration for the barer of the name. (Does a dignified name result in a dignified person? One’s name can get one beat up a lot – or shunned.) Middle names, too. One or two? More or less?

So anyhow – it occurred to me that my grandfather McCord’s middle name was “Carroll” and my grandmothers’ middle names were “Mae” and “Ernestine.” (I know grandma McCord never did like Ernestine. What was grandpa Kernen’s middle name?)

*Future Daibhre here : Grandpa’s middle name was Ely.

But where the did those names come from?